Safety Matters: Covid-19
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Safety matters in the GFM. As an organisation we pay close attention to regularly checking the NHS  and Government sites to ensure we are up to date with our procedures and protocols. We have shared the risk assessments for each of our sites and these are being constantly monitored and reviewed.

To view these, please click on the logo of the individual schools.

In line with government guidance, as there is no legal requirement to self isolate following a positive test, we advise that the expectation is that pupils either attend school or report sickness absence following our usual notification procedures.

The decision was made on the basis that the government has now aligned treatment of CV with other viruses such as the general cold and flu.

If a pupil is not well enough to attend then normal procedures should be followed. There is no legal requirement to test or to isolate but understand that this is very much a transitional stage for everyone.

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