The following policies have been approved by the GFM Board of Trustees for adoption by all GFM schools. 

Accessibility Policy
Admissions Arrangements
Asbestos Policy
GFM Statement of Behaviour Principles 2024-25
Careers and Employability Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Children with health needs who cannot attend school (GFM Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy)
Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy
Data Protection (Secondary Phase Exams Addendum)
Early Careers Teachers Policy
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
GFM Members, Trustees and Governors Allowances Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Health & Safety Risk Assessment Policy
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff 
(Please see the individual school Child Protection & Safeguarding Policies, that incorporate these procedures)
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy
Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

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