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Directory of Best Practice

At the GFM we are proud to have a wide range of excellent practice in teaching and learning, both online and onsite, across all schools and phases of the organisation.  We believe that sharing this excellent practice is an important part of our collective improvement journey and we have established a Directory of Best Practice across the Trust.  We want to showcase the skills, talents and successes of our staff and encourage individuals to open up their classrooms (both physical and online) for others to experience and learn from.

About the GFM Learning & Development Team

Learning and development is at the heart of who we are as the GFM, and in all that we do.  We believe through education, leadership, lifelong learning and social equality that individuals can exceed their potential and benefit society; our power to transform lives relies on each of us in the GFM community and our individual and collective commitment to wanting to learn and develop, wanting to be better.

A disposition and thirst for learning and development is therefore both an entitlement and an expectation of each employee of the GFM.  Every line manager in the GFM is explicitly accountable for supporting the learning and development of each person they line manage, who is in turn expected to be active in engaging in activity and ways to further their learning and development.

The learning and development team coordinate opportunities for all staff within the GFM, signpost, share and support colleague’s engagement with learning beyond the GFM.

The GFM programme for learning and development is broad and deep; with activities targeted to each and every stage of career, with the many roles that exist in the GFM and across all areas of leadership.

Professional Learning Resources

The Learning and Development Team’s Professional Learning site gives colleagues access to any current and future professional learning opportunities on offer. GFM colleagues can access the L&D Professional Learning site by logging into G Suite using their work email address and password.

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