Preparing youngsters for the digital era
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Preparing youngsters for the digital era

Preparing youngsters for the digital era

The GFM is building a relationship with a school in Morocco in a bid to prepare students to be work ready for the digital economy. 

Samir Benmakhlouf, the Founder of the London Academy based in Casablanca, met with our CEO, Ian Potter, ahead of the UN International Day of Education. The day celebrates the role of education for bringing global peace and sustainable development.

Samir, who worked for Microsoft for 14 years alongside Bill Gates, said: “I am very honoured and happy to visit the schools that are being managed by such an esteemed organisation.

This past year Morocco and the UK have an agreement in education which has seen provisions and collaborations with schools in the UK and in Morocco.

Ian and I share the same vision for the transformation of education in the digital era.”

Samir was among many guests from across Africa who was at the UK-Africa Investment Summit on Monday, which was attended by Prince Harry and Boris Johnson.

He added: “Britain has lots to offer to countries in Africa in terms of skills and know-how and in improving our education system. I am looking forward to learning and seeing what are the areas where we can learn from the British system and bring to a country that is predominantly French speaking. I think if we put our minds together it can influence innovative ways of education.”

Ian Potter said: “Bay House has a reputation over many years for its international profile. That’s something the GFM is wanting to promote for all schools in Gosport.

Gosport has its international connections and reaches out across the globe. In terms of education, we are doing the same. The next chapter in that journey is a relationship with Samir and his schools and growing schools in Morocco. We need to prepare young people for a life in the 21st century that’s going to be quite different from the lives that we were prepared for, particularly with the advance of technology.

What Samir can bring to education globally and to Gosport is something I am incredibly grateful for and I am looking forward to it immensely.”

The GFM and London Academy are also hoping to organise a football tournament together and there will also be teacher training events to enable teachers to share their knowledge.

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