GFM Talks 2020 Launched
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GFM Talks 2020 Launched

GFM Talks 2020 Launched

The GFM recognise the importance of sharing and value learning from one another to change attitudes, develop our outlook and enable us to best serve our community. GFM Talks is a safe forum in which we can share, learn and spark debate.

In this video, our Director of the Institute of Education (IOE) David Higginbottom meets with our Primary Phase Executive Headteacher Georgina Mulhall to launch GFM Talks 2020-2021. They reflect on the concept of GFM Talks and share their highlights and reflections from the talks delivered in previous years. Colleagues who have spoken at GFM Talks also share their reflections and motivations for presenting too.

We look forward to welcoming colleagues to the GFM Talks during the course of the academic year.

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