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GFM STEM Collaboration with SERT

GFM STEM Collaboration with SERT

SERT is a purpose led organisation to inspire and support, so people can live happier, more successful lives. They’re focused on providing sustainable workforce solutions within the technology and engineering sectors, while maintaining highly professional levels of candidate care for all.

In being a people focused organisation and established within their industries, SERT are a great fit for the GFM to help our pupils develop STEM skills and engineering habits of mind. The Gosport STEM centre day event in July 2021 was the start of what we hope to be a long and enduring collaboration with SERT as we help young people to develop and learn today for the long-lasting solutions of tomorrow.

Through our collaboration with a recruitment and training business, GFM can increase the opportunities we offer our young people when they grow up and put them in the strongest position to perform to the highest standard within not only the STEM related industries, but also any career moving forwards by gaining transferable skills.

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