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The GFM Covid Premium Strategy and planned spend

The GFM anticipates a total Covid Premium income of £295,120 across the academic year based on October 2020 census data. Our funding has been allocated across our school phases (Primary, Secondary and Special Alternative Provision) using a  three stage approach. This has ensured our Covid Premium strategic spending demonstrates clear intent, implementation and impact. 


  • Stage 1 – Immediate responsive action (Summer 2020)  
    • Additional support for targeted groups across the Trust throughout the summer holiday period. Including Year 6 to Year 7 ‘summer camp’ transition groups and coordinated summer school interventions.
  • Stage 2 –  Analysis of emerging need (September and October 2020)
    • ImpactEd research tool initiation across all phases – a diagnostic tool that enables us to identify emerging needs. 
    • Identification of learning ‘gaps’ through the implementation of our individual school ‘recovery curriculum’ plans. 
    • Local agreement to combine the schools premium funding to distribute toward ratified phase led strategies.
  • Stage 3 – Sustained implementation of agreed strategies and measured impact of funding spend (November 2020 to present)
    • Begin implementation of agreed strategic plans across GFM school phases. 
    • Strategy spend to be tracked half-termly and reported to GFM Executive.
    • ‘Live’ tracking of spend and impact allocated to school leaders.
    • Agreed National Tuition Partners initiative to provide 1:3 interventions.


Our GFM Phase strategies – Updated March 2021

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