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SERT Suite at Brune Park

SERT Suite at Brune Park

We are delighted to announce that from Monday 16 May the SERT Suite at Brune Park will become operational with the first cohort of specialist engineers beginning a four day course on site. SERT and GFM are excited to bring training for the workplace nearer to schooling. New routes to employment are crucial and so having vocational courses that are employer funded on GFM school sites is a massive step forward to achieve this ambition. 
Please follow the link to hear a short message from the CEO of SERT on this joint venture – 
The SERT Suite will provide training and accreditation for engineers, focusing on renewable and future home energy. The new local facility will present an exciting and real opportunity for young people to progress into a rapidly growing industry and for local people to upskill and access new employment pathways. A key feature of the new venue is the numerous air source heat pumps for training on the installation and maintenance of this evolving technology. 
Creating new, innovative, employment opportunities and career pathways for our locality is at the heart of  the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust’s ambition. The SERT Suite continues to demonstrate the positive partnerships, growth, resource and investment GFM is facilitating and bringing to our town. The initial cohort of four engineers have already commenced training at SERT’s Woolston training centre and will complete their training at Brune Park.  All lecturers, visitors and cohorts who will access the new facility will adhere to strict GFM safeguarding protocols. The SERT suite has bespoke facilities and planned parking for all associated with the centre.
If you would like to know more about SERT and their training courses please visit their website –

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