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Apply through the School Experience portal on the Get Into Teaching website

School Experience, although not a requirement prior to embarking on teacher training, is an important aspect of enabling those considering a teaching career to make an informed choice about the route they take and the age group they decide to go forward with. Participation also demonstrates to a potential employer that the candidate is serious about their career choice and is proactive in researching and organising their career path.

School Experience offers potential candidates a taste of school life, as well as allowing them to meet staff in schools to which they are considering applying. A School Experience day offers potential candidates the opportunity to discuss their aspirations with experienced teachers and observe lessons in a subject delivered to a diverse age range. The GFM offers both Primary and Secondary experiences in an exciting array of schools.

We publish our dates on the School Experience portal, these are spread across the academic year.

For any enquiries, please get in contact with the Initial Teacher Training team at Bay House School

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