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The vision is to achieve a quality of provision in Gosport schools so that families are confident about their children attending any school in the town. High performing schools have a culture in which continued improvement is seen as the ‘norm’ where employees have very high expectations of themselves and their colleagues. A climate of personal and mutual accountability across the work force of a school permeates into the classroom. This ensures high expectations of the young people where aspirations for their outcomes are uncompromising.

The formation of the GFM does not change the admissions policies for each individual school within the MAT. Admission from the other feeder schools of Bay House is unaffected. Bay House will remain absolutely committed to the educational provision of the learners that attend the school, who in turn will benefit because of the opportunities the GFM brings in how schools working collaboratively increases professional capital and enables the economic advantages of scale, which is something schools within the MAT will be grateful for as we enter a period of further tightening in education funding.

Pupils’ Personal Property

Whilst the school will exercise reasonable care for pupils’ property, from time to time property may be lost or damaged. Pupils’ property, which is worn or brought to school is done so at the owners’ risk. The GFM cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Where school staff take charge of property on behalf of pupils, they will exercise reasonable care for its safekeeping. To help to ensure that pupils’ property is kept safely parents are strongly advised that: All property must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name or other unique identifying mark that is made known to the school. The school will take reasonable steps to try to recover lost property.

GFM schools are not liable for pupils’ property brought onto their premises, which includes but is not limited to stationery, phones, instruments, sports equipment, uniform, bicycles or scooters. The school are therefore not liable for pupils’ belongings being stolen or damaged by a third party while they are at school. The school’s insurance does not extend to pupils’ personal equipment whilst on the premises, so parents/carers are advised to ensure that suitable locks are provided.  We recommend that equipment is named and where possible cycles/scooters are clearly marked or post-coded and a strong lock is used.


Jewellery and valuables

With the exception of one set of small stud earrings, pupils should not wear jewellery or bring valuables into school to avoid upset if they get lost or cause harm. Jewellery should be removed for PE and swimming and pupils are responsible for its care whilst not on their person. If your child has to have their ears pierced, please try to do this at the beginning of the summer holiday so that they can be removed safely at school. We recognise that some children may wish to adhere to religious observance for some jewellery items e.g. the Sikh Kara. Please talk to the school about this so that safe provision can be made for this observance.

Responsibility for children while they are on their way to or from school rests with parents/carers. The school can take no responsibility for the safety of children outside school but will endeavour to share key safety messages throughout the year to support safe travel.

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