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The vision is to achieve a quality of provision in Gosport schools so that families are confident about their children attending any school in the town. High performing schools have a culture in which continued improvement is seen as the ‘norm’ where employees have very high expectations of themselves and their colleagues. A climate of personal and mutual accountability across the work force of a school permeates into the classroom. This ensures high expectations of the young people where aspirations for their outcomes are uncompromising.

The formation of the GFM does not change the admissions policies for each individual school within the MAT. Admission from the other feeder schools of Bay House is unaffected. Bay House will remain absolutely committed to the educational provision of the learners that attend the school, who in turn will benefit because of the opportunities the GFM brings in how schools working collaboratively increases professional capital and enables the economic advantages of scale, which is something schools within the MAT will be grateful for as we enter a period of further tightening in education funding.

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