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Professional advice, guidance and action

The Gosport and Fareham MAT (GFM) offers a range of Children and Family Services to meet the bespoke needs of local young people and their families. Located near Gosport town centre in a large modernised Victorian house, the Children and Families team provide a welcoming venue where young people, parents and carers can access professional advice and specialist support on health and family matters, therapeutic interventions and approaches, accredited interactive group sessions and training.

We offer;

  • Advocacy and championing support
  • Proactive family support using a strengths based approach
  • Specialist and therapeutic professional services
  • Access to educational and training programmes
  • Support with developing resilience and independence
  • Short term response to ‘crisis’ education scenarios
  • Remote access for most specialist services

Strength based and innovative approach

We use a strengths based, person/family centred approach that supports a holistic framework which enables action toward positive outcomes. Through identified stakeholders we collaborate toward agreed goals and objectives, providing advocacy for our children and families where necessary, to facilitate and foster engagement. We hold all referred ‘cases’ for an initial 6 week or agreed bespoke intervention period with extension subject to stakeholder review.

Our Children and Family Services bring new capacity to Gosport and Fareham that is accessible and responsive to demand, seeking to complement local organisations and strategy. We achieve this through a creative approach toward public and private professionals working in partnership, supervision and planning. Through this approach we will enhance, complement and enable a sustained local professional service that is affordable and desirable for all.

Our services are accessible to families via referral by schools, local agencies and organisations. All our specialist and therapeutic services can be directly commissioned by families and other organisations on request.

Targeted support

We offer targeted family support which includes bespoke courses, workshops and support groups for parents/carers. Specialist professional services are also available to families, schools and organisations to commission. These include;

  • School Social Worker Services
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Counselling
  • Therapeutic coaching and Parenting programmes
  • Tutoring and Academic Coaching
  • Signposting toward networks and support services

Some of our targeted support partners

A ‘diagnostic’ approach to understanding and targeting individual needs.

Too often the delay in identifying bespoke learning needs and responding to them leads toward greater and more challenging scenarios for children and families. Our pioneering approach combines assessments and observations to create an evidenced based report which enables quick identification and moderation of an individual’s bespoke needs. This guides and enables action that is both timely and measurable – proactive not reactive. The strength of this pioneering ‘diagnostic’ approach is the personalisation and responsiveness to need, combined with moderated profiling – A modern real-time digital ‘tool’ that places the young person and their need at the centre and empowering stakeholders to act.

Crisis support – Short-Term Scenario (STS) response

A service that is able to respond immediately to need and provide capacity to support learning during times of crisis and challenge. We are able to provide bespoke teaching and learning, coordinated with referring schools and agencies. Our high staff to student ratio enables our team to provide a tailored approach to learning during short-term ‘crisis’ scenarios, while the rest of our team will continue to support strategy and action to ensure they have access to the medium and long term assistance they require.

Children and Family Services would welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs and requirements

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All of the information on this page is available for download in our Children and Families Services brochure.

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