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Why work at a GFM school?

GFM schools are friendly and rewarding places to work. We value all of our staff and the critical role they each play within our community. This is demonstrated through the support and the wide range of professional learning opportunities that we provide.

What makes GFM schools special?

In response to this question our staff said:

  • Our young people
  • We make a difference together
  • We share a sense of purpose
  • The extensive professional learning opportunities available to all staff
  • Our strong sense of community

Teaching Vacancies

Teaching in Gosport and Fareham is special because of the young people in our community.

Support Staff Vacancies

We have a thriving community of just over 650 staff, all of whom have a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets.

Kickstart Vacancies

  • The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion scheme to create thousands of high-quality 6-month job placements for 16 – 24 year olds.
  • The opportunity to build confidence and skills in the workplace; gain experience that will improve your chances of going on to find long term, sustainable work.

Graduate Tutor Vacancies

At the GFM, we are looking for enthusiastic and creative graduates or undergraduates in their third year of study, to join our team of tutoring specialists on a casual basis.

Fair Workload Charter

The GFMAT aims to recruit and retain staff by:

Ensuring they have a fair and reasonable workload

Providing high quality training and professional development opportunities that meet the needs of individual members of staff

Staff working in a GFMAT school can expect the following

A fair and reasonable workload which will be ensured by;

  1. Remembering that all marking and feedback be meaningful, manageable and motivating, and should serve a single purpose – to advance pupil progress and outcomes.
  2. Give lesson plans the proportionate status they merit, and no more, to lessen teacher workload.
  3. Look to identify blocks of time to allow for proper collaborative planning.
  4. Remember planning together needs to be accompanied and professional discussion which focuses on the outcomes for pupils.
  5. Have high quality resources and schemes or work already in place and easily accessible.
  6. Be clear on the purpose. Why is this data being collected, and how will it improve the quality of provision?
  7. Be aware of workload issues: consider not just how long it will take, but whether that time could be better spent on other tasks.
  8. Policies governing assessment and data entry, being reviewed during the GFMAT’s usual cycle of workload impact assessment.
  9. Providing a time budget in June each year setting out how the principles above will be implemented in the following year.
  10. Employees having recourse to external adjudication process managed by the GFMAT Fair Workload Charter sub-group where they believe their school has not delivered on the principles it has signed up to.

High-quality training and professional development opportunities that meet the needs of individual members of staff by;

  1. Enabling staff to access the GFMAT training programmes.
  2. Enabling staff to access the GFMAT ‘ladder’ of generic training programmes linked to different stages of career progression.
  3. Ensuring staff are well-trained and appropriately qualified.
  4. Supporting teaching assistants in progressing to Qualified Teacher Status where they choose to do so.

Points 1-4 have been endorsed by the following: DfE, Ofsted, ASCL, ATL, NAHT, NASUWT, NUT and Voice.

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