En garde! New school sport is having the desired classroom effect at Gomer Junior School


Many pupils will go through the motions of playing football, tennis and doing athletics in the summer months. But at Gomer Junior School in Gosport, this has all been turned on its head. The students have recently taken up fencing as part of their sporting curriculum, which has reinvigorated their interest in PE., it is the students in Year 6 that have been taking fencing lessons, which headteacher Georgina Mulhall says has taught them a great technical discipline. She said: ‘This is the first time we have done this – we wanted our students to get involved in a variety of different sports. ‘I think some of the pupils were surprised at how energetic the sport is, as well as the discipline that it requires.’ According to Mrs Mulhall, the introduction of fencing into the school curriculum has allowed students who might not get the most out of traditional PE sports to really shine. She said: ‘I think it is a very inclusive sport, and there is a real level playing field for the students. ‘All of the children are applying themselves brilliantly to it – and some of those who might not enjoy some of the more traditional sports have been really enthusiastic about it, which is great to see. ‘One of the brilliant things about this is how the students are both learning about the terminology and theory behind the sport. ‘They understand the rules and the historic tradition, so it also serves as a great way to learn. ‘Fencing is all about being composed – it isn’t really an aggressive sport and the children have picked up on that brilliantly. ‘It is something different and everyone seems to be enjoying it.’

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